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  • My Portfolio

  • My Expertise

    I am a Product Engineer with specific focus on building robust backend and scalable systems. I do open source projects in my spare time. I love speaking at tech conferences and currently working as Senior Software Consultant at Tarka Labs.


    Started my career by programming in C, especially Embedded C. Then explored Python and became proficient in it. I have built 10+ projects/products in python. Recently fell in love with the beauty and simplicity of Golang and building few utilities and open source projects using it.


    I've worked on some databases: Postgres, MySQL, Cassandra, Redis, CouchDB and InfluxDB. I have quite an experience in designing object oriented relational schema for various products. I have deployed and scaled redis as in memory DB, queue, pubsub and LRU cache. Schema design, query execution plan analysis, optimizing queries, partitioning and scaling are the some of the things I have done in PostgreSQL.


    I have a good experience in architecting, developing, deploying and scaling a robust backend infrastructure. I am aware of most of the AWS services and have architected solutions using the same. Not to mention that apart from the managed solutions, I have designed and deployed services in bare metal servers too.

    Featured Projects

    MAD Stack

    Featured Skills: Python, Golang, PostgreSQL, Django, MicroServices, AWS, Docker

    One of the core engineer who helped in abstracting a large, monolithic A.I platform into microservices architecture. This paved the way for MadStreetDen to build a full scale e-commerce suite of products: vue commerce. This platform sits as a base for most of the A.I products coming out of the company.

    Shop The Video

    Featured Skills: Python3, Django, Serverless, AWS ECS, lambda, Athena, Transcoder, Docker

    Shop The Video is an A.I powered video marketing tool that helps the customer to monetize their video assets. It enables the purchase of the fashion items appearing on the video, directly form the video player. I am working closely with the frontend and product design team in architecting and developing an highly scalable backend.

    What I use

    I use some stuffs that aren't completely terrible.

    Infra and Hosting

    Mostly, I use AWS to spin up servers for my personal projects. I use github pages to host this portfolio page. I use Ghost containers hosted in digital ocean servers for my blog

    Version Control

    Since I started working on software from 2013, fortunately I did not struggle with version control systems as my senior devs did. I started using git right away. I host all my public projects in github. For my private repositories, I used Bitbucket for a while. Then explored Gitlab, but some how I liked the simple experience of github's issue tracker and kanban boards. So, I started paying github for private repositories.

    IDE and Editors

    I started loving emacs from the day one. When I am not using terminal I will be using Pycharm for python and Gogland for Go programming. I pay for them as they make me more productive with lots of features and integrations. I use Sublime Text as my html and markdown editor.


    Ubuntu, Debian in servers and OS X in laptop.

    Here's what people say about me

    Naresh Kumar Pidikiti. Founder & CEO at Siliconicxs Industrial Solutions.

    A smart worker, always with a curiosity to explore technology. He built complex systems with simple interfaces.

    Senthil Velan. Founder & CEO at NilaTech.

    Naren helped us to showcase multiple prototypes for our client visits. His knack for rapid prototyping always amazes me.

    Saravana Kumar. Senior Technical Lead at Dot Solved Systems Inc.

    I have worked with Naren in many projects at scale. Here are some words I would use to describe him: Result oriented, Vision focused, quality and timely delivery and most importantly consistency.