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  • Reset Button

  • Almost every electronics item has a reset button. In computers, the reset button clears the memory and forcibly restarts the system. In video games, it will restart the game, losing the player's unsaved progress. We usually hit the reset button when the computer freezes or we are stuck somewhere in the middle of a level in any video game.

    Have you ever thought that you could hit the reset button in your life when you are stuck at something? or to reset a habit that you've been following for a long time?. Well, the habit can be a good one, but at one point in time you will feel burnt out. The worst thing is you won't even know that you are burnt out.

    The day will seem to be moving slow and unproductive. The routine which you've been doing for a very long time suddenly appears to be boring and makes you tired (psychologically). I've have felt all these. At first, I misinterpreted them as just another bad day, but it took me a while to realize that I got overwhelmed, which finally led me to burn out.

    One way to avoid to get frozen like a computer is hitting the reset button and clearing the memory whenever necessary. It's not very difficult to hit your reset button. You are not going to bring a lifetime change. There are various small aspects of life which you can easily reset and move on without regrets.

    When exactly to hit the button?

    Imagine you have an old Pentium pro computer. The machine freezes after a prolonged usage and you hit the reset button. But hitting the reset button once the machine freezes will cause you more harm than good. You might lose all your unsaved changes.

    But what if you are already aware of when the machine is going to freeze. Now you will know when to save the changes, hit the reset button to free up the memory and other resources. Also, you cannot keep on hitting the reset button, it will be of no use apart from the time you waste for every reset cycle.

    Knowing when to hit the reset button is kind of an acquired skill. But once you learn that skill, it's something which will be useful for the lifetime and you won't let go of it.

    When exactly to hit the reset button?
    Photo by Rob Schreckhise

    At one point in time, you will feel so overwhelmed and sluggish. Whatever you do, you will feel there are no ways to move forward. When you are not able to find out the reason for that stall, that's when you have reached your threshold level to hit the reset button.

    As easy as pie

    Photo by Alisa Anton

    As I already said, there are some things in life that can be reset which are not necessarily complicated. There are many small things which you can start over that will help you to keep your mind healthy and move forward.

    I will list 3 things I have tried resetting in my life and moved forward without any regrets.

    sources of information

    Photo by Giulia Bertelli

    The most simplest thing I have done is resetting my sources of information. When I feel that I am going to hit the threshold of getting overwhelmed with my information feed, I will unsubscribe myself from all the newsletters and clear every subscription from my RSS reader.

    Then I will start again by subscribing to the new sources of information that interests me.

    Resetting my sources of information clears my mind and helps me to create more instead of getting bombarded by information. It allows me to put my creative mindset to use. Now, I will subscribe only to the sources that will help me to create something useful to others. Thus enabling me to filter signal from the noise.


    Photo by Isidor Emanuel

    Whether you are on a normal diet or a low carb diet. Resetting your diet once in a while will help you to maintain a healthy body. Say, you are on a normal diet. Trying out a detox diet for 2 days will help you to flush out excess carbohydrates from your body.

    Even if you are on a low carb diet, loading up carbs once in a while will help you to refill the glycogen content in your muscles. Apart from these, it also prevents you from getting psychologically overwhelmed due to your diet.

    Controlled resetting of your diet gives you the freedom to enjoy other foods, but without affecting your eating habits. As you are consciously resetting your diet, you will be able to get back to it. On the other hand, If you were forced to fall off the diet wagon due to burn out, you will end up overeating, breaking the streak and will find it very difficult to come back.


    Photo by Aidan Bartos

    Everyone has their own way of spending. I always have a budget for specific categories. Once the month starts, I will allocate some money from my pay for the categories like home expenses, shopping, cycling, travel, etc. I will always try to keep my expenses within the budget for each category.

    But a few months back, I got overwhelmed by the restrictions I've put on myself for my expenses. So, I cleared all the budget. For past 3 months, I did not invest or save any money, I started spending it for myself and my family. I was high on dopamine.

    But again, this is a controlled reset, Now I got back on track and started analyzing where I spent my money. This gave me insights on the categories I crave to spend. It made me aware of where I will end up spending, in case I slip off. Now, I can subtly hack my mind to not to spend in those categories when I slip off the budget.

    Resetting clears your mind. It gives you a sense of relief and rejuvenates your soul. If you don't reset things occasionally with your consciousness, you will end up getting frozen like a computer. That is, being burnt out.

    That's the thing: You don't understand burnout unless you've been burned out. And it's something you can't even explain.

    – Elena Delle Donne, American basketball player

    Take it easy, reset small things and keep moving forward! 🙌